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Archinet ™ 
We Bridge The Gap

Archinet ™ is an IP of Riverstone Networking Services that is known to have broken the traditional barrier of enmasse luxury expos by designing a concept which is not just a networking event; it's a testament to the indomitable spirit of creativity and vision that defines the architectural world. It provides an exclusive platform for architects, interior designers, and architectural product manufacturers to forge alliances, share insights, and catalyze the evolution of design.

The USP of Archinet ™ proved with the success of its past 4 editions is the opportunity that it provides for brands as well as industry professionals to converge in a setting that is purely based on the idea of business culmination. Our philosophy is redefining networking from being social-focused to transitioning into a commercial success for all participants.  

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Ar. Milind Pai from Milind Pai Architects & Interiors Designers rightfully elucidates the very thing that sets Archinet ™ apart from other networking events in the market - the compact, focused approach that encourages engagement between key buyers & exhibitors. Moreover his valued comments also highlight our framework of brand selection that makes us one of a kind. 

The Riverstone Brand Selection Framework focuses on innovation & demand specific sampling which eliminates repetitive representation of products & services as it based on a deep analytical study of what is the current demand for innovation in the Archi-Design world. It also concentrates on making sure that the exhibitors get sufficient one-on-one interactions with the Industry's top pioneers and heavy procurers which further results in tangible business culmination.

Our Value Proposition

We practice what we preach


We maintain the integrity of our concept - Exclusivity , Personalisation &  Guaranteed Engagement with Industry Pioneers.


Our services lie beyond the completion of the event. Guaranteed attendance of Industry Professionals is our promise. 


The experience of our Advisory Board ensures an insightful takeaway for all attendees, creating a benchmark in shaping the evolution of the industry.


Our concept, and the successful execution of it is our commitment. We are deeply devoted to the Building & Architecture industry & its unparalleled growth is our motto.


A glimpse of our passion is unmissable for all Archinet ™ attendees. The foundation of Riverstone was laid with a loyal devotion & appreciation of Art, Design, Architecture & Construction.

We Work With the Very Best

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